The idea came in the shower, as all great ideas do.

“Build it, and they will come…okay?”

So I did.

I bounced it off my good friend Kris, and it became a spark.

The spark became a Redneck Bonfire! (Hey, hold my beer…)

We gathered  a rhythm section to lock it in, and MEATPLOW was born.

A symbiosis of talent, and ability with one purpose in mind; to sound just like Stone Temple Pilots!


ROB VISSER  (DOOK) (Lead singer / Rhythm Guitar / Sarcastic input)

Rob has been playing Guitar since age 6, and in bands since he was 12. In School DOOK played Baritone, and Tuba.

Late 80’s to early 90’s he was in the original band ‘Innocent Fun’ with Larry Jordan of Jesus Krysler. (RIP Larry) Moving to ‘Fools Paradice’ with Rob Takacs (currently fronting’ Edges Of Seven’), for the remainder of the 90’s.

While on a long hiatus, (life gets in the way of living sometimes…) Rob learned several instruments along the way, including (but not limited to…) Bass, Drums, Keys, , and plica vocalis.

He has always been crazy for Stone Temple pilots, describing them as “Rock ‘N Roll for Esoterics”, which of course is inaccurate. His main influences include Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Led Zeppelin, and of course STP.

Rob is VERY excited about this project, and where it may go. “Everyone seems to be having a really great time just playing the songs.”

We hope this feeling is shared with the audience when we get to play.


KRIS EGGERTSON (Eggy) (Lead Guitar / BG Vocals)

Kris has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old after being introduced to it by two friends in school, and was instantly hooked.

Over the years he has been influenced by Robin Trower, Angus Young, as well as Jimmies Page, and Hendrix. Kris respects the shredders, but feels he’s more of a Rock / Blues player.

“It’s all about the feel!”

Kris has been in many bands including Minas Tirith, Third Wave (an original alt. Rock band), Skull Drag (Original / Cover Heavy Rock/ Metal), and most recently Rat Salade ( nod to Van Halen’s original name) a 60’s to 80’s Cover band.

Kris devotes his playing to get every note right, just as close as possible to the Original recording. He has the skills to do just that, and sound better than the original when he messes up!

Bring your ear plugs!


DAVE YOUNG (Bass Guitar / BG Vocals / Smilin’ at the ladies)

Dave is originally from Ohio and began playing bass at the age of 13 and played in the school jazz band and in rock bands throughout high school and college. His influences range from the jazz recordings that his parents played during his childhood to bands like the Beatles, Talking Heads, The Clash, and Peter Gabriel.  Besides being a member of MeatPlow, Dave also plays with local bands Slam Lotus, Lightbulb Vaporizer, Fully Loaded, Southbound, and The Longriders.


Denis Charlebois

Denis started playing at age 8 and inspired by his neighbor who was a drummer.

Started playing shows at 15, and toured extensively into the eighties. He has countless hours of studio work throughout his drumming career, played in various original bands throughout to Toronto Area.

Frank Hall band, Face First, Vital Urge, then the metal tribute in Vancouver Machine Face, and then Calm Like a bomb.

Then we found him, or did he find us?


There, don’t you feel like you know us all better?